Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, I.P. (IPMA)

The Instituto Português do Mar e da Atmosfera, I.P. was created in 2012 by the merging of Portugal’s the former institutes of National Institute of Biological Resources (INRB), and Instituto de Meteorologia. IPMA’s Department for Fisheries and Sea Research will be involved in this project, which carries out strategic research and technological development on management and conservation of marine living resources and aquaculture, ensuring scientific and technical support for policies defined by MADRP. It has a record of more than fifty years of experience in multi-disciplinary studies related with all fields of marine sciences, and chiefly fisheries and aquaculture. It has been coordinator or a major participant in many EU and other international and national projects. IPMA has the most important Portuguese information unit on Marine Sciences, and large research facilities, including three research vessels, several laboratories and two aquaculture research stations (inshore and offshore) where marine fish and mollusks can be reared at a semi-industrial scale.

IPMA has 4 departments of which one is related to technological aspects, the Department of Technological Innovation and Upgrading of Fishery Products (DITVPP). DITVPP is responsible for investigations on fish as food and all other kinds of utilization of resources harvested through traditional fisheries and aquaculture. DITVPP participated as the national coordinator in more than 20 EU projects, including 4 CRAFT projects and 1 Collective Research project, concerned with fish products preservation, processing, and quality and safety. The department’s personnel that will be involved in the AirX project mainly have expertise in aquaculture, biology and marine sciences.

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